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Daniel Radcliffe and Anna Akana for What If!

Misa Garcia - Got a chance to shoot a promo video written and directed by Anna Akana starting herself and Daniel Radcliffe for his upcoming movie#whatifmovie

He’s amazing. Acting with him and directing him in this was a dream come true. What a professional and lovely person. 


I don’t understand why you would romaticize an entire race as being submissive or weak or docile or delicate or fragile or whatever the fuck is the allure of asian women?

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Mrs Escher’s Nightmare

Demoscene production by Andromeda Software Development presents what appears to be a continuous drawing of moving 3D objects to great effect. Video embedded below, but it is preferable to experience the PC demo:

A summer demo by ASD made for Euskal Encounter 22 (2014).

Code: Konstantinos “Navis” Pataridis
Music: Sotiris “aMUSiC” Varotsis & Fotis “Leviathan” Panetsos
Hand Model and Photography: Giorgos “Ch3” Cherouvim
Graphics: Nikos “Amoivikos” Batalas

You can download the demo for PC (around 25MB) here

More at Pouet here

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They’re born with their brains in their hands. Don’t you see, that makes them peaceful. They’ve got to be, because a creature like that would have to trust anyone it meets. 

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